Are you moving to Charleston?

Let us HELP!!!

Design My HOME

Personalized services for everyone

Charleston is growing more and more everyday. Southern Care Designs wants to put you and your family at ease with the moving process. We can guide the process as smoothly as possible. Overseeing the moving company and ensuring that your furniture is delivered in a timely fashion. Our Team will start unpacking your furniture and decor to make your move easier. We will design your entire home or space before you move in. That way you and your family can start enjoying the beautiful city as soon as you move in.

No Living in a Box Zone

Our team will ensure that everything is truly MOVE IN READY! We will organize and design your home and ensure that you are kept in the loop with the entire process. So..No more additional travel to Charleston to ensure everything is complete or delivered. We also have additional services to ensure that your lawn and exterior is maintained.


Dorm Room

Plush and Creative

Feeling comfortable in your dorm room is a must. Our designs are not only sleek and stylish but also inviting and comfortable.

Dorm Rooms should be FUN

Stylish accessories, beautiful linen, and organization. We will decorate and design your space with your style.

Luxury Decor

We focus on functionality and style. Our decor is functional and affordable.


Relax, Relax, Relax... Getting college ready is already a task at its own. Let us get you ready for your college dorm. From linens, decor items, and a luxury design.

Who needs a Dorm Room Makeover?

Traveling Students

No more stressing about overpacking or spending additional money on uhauls etc. Our services are perfect for you! On move in day we will already have your complete design and items ready for move in.

Trendy Students

Turning that boring room into a fabulous area to study and relax. Our designs are packed with different styles such as farmouse, modern, traditional, feminine, masculine and eclectic styles,etc. Our designs will give you the style and the function that is need to bring that dorm room from drab to FAB.

ALL Students

Is your space compact and your wanting to use the most of the space? Our designs will assist with maximizing your space also providing awesome storage solutions.

AFH Student

Away From Home Students, rather its down the street or 100's of miles away from home. Students need the comfortability of being like at home in their dorm rooms. Give your college student the gift of having a functional, stylish and organized space.

Window Garden Baskets & Potters

Window Garden Baskets and Potters are surely a Charleston Staple. In the planters and baskets we use the healthiest flower arrangements. Yes, that means NO MORE wasting money on flowers that will not grow. We will pick the best arrangements for your area and your home. In our garden planter designs we incorporate a beautiful planter that will look amazing on your home. We source different size planters, baskets and boxes. If you want specific boxes built we can assist with a custom box and design.